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Martin Gavanda

AWS Cloud architect

About me

I am an AWS Cloud architect with more than 15 years of experience. I have worked in consulting and service provider area for my entire career. Thanks to that, I am strongly business and result-oriented and can bring tangible results.

Currently, I focus on complex AWS Cloud solutions covering all critical aspects of the project - from initial discussions & assessments to design & implementation. Over the years, I have worked on challenging projects for the biggest financial, telecommunications, and enterprise customers in the CEE region. I design scalable, secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for various applications and workloads.

I focus on infrastructure automation, infrastructure as code, and cloud security because I believe those aspects are sometimes overlooked and I believe that a better understanding of those areas can make a big difference between good and perfect Cloud solutions.

In the past have worked for the biggest service providers in the Czech Republic, building private Cloud solutions for customers based on VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX platforms. This experience gave me a deep understanding of traditional IT infrastructures allowing me to better design new, AWS Cloud solutions.


It's not about the number of certifications. It's all about the demonstration of skills associated with each certification and exam. Although I strongly focus on Amazon Web Services, I believe that you should know your enemy. That’s why I have also decided to learn Microsoft Azure at the Expert level.

According to predictions from Gartner, global spending on cloud services is expected to reach over $482 billion in 2022, up from $313 billion in 2020.

My Services

I have a comprehensive skillset related to AWS Cloud. I focus on Cloud-related professional services, from traditional consulting projects through various assessments to infrastructure design, implementation, and comprehensive health-check of the workloads.


Want to move on with your project and you lost your way? Would you like to discuss various aspect of cloud related projects? Let’s do that!


Let’s have a look at your current business needs and design Cloud solution that fits like a glove. I am business oriented technical person.


Cloud Maturity assessments from the organization down to the individual teams. Application DeepDives and cloud readiness of the individual applications.

Health Check

Not sure if your Cloud environment is designed according to the best-practices? Let’s benchmark your workload against AWS Well-Architected framework and define the improvement plan.

With the cloud, individuals and small businesses can snap their fingers and instantly set up enterprise-class services.

Application DeepDives

Application DeepDive is a specific assessment of a single application. Various inputs are gathered through the assessment project resulting in the optimal Cloud infrastructure for a given application.

DeepDive covers four major areas and topics:

Application assessment is a guided interview(s) with key application owners to understand the current application. During the interview, various topics are discussed, for example, application and infrastructure architecture, security and performance requirements, operating model and lifecycle, or individual application components.

Cloud architecture provides individual possible target cloud architectures and designs. All designs are evaluated against the application assessment for viability and requirements. Typically, multiple target architectures are designed to cover standard migration strategies from Lift&Shift through Replatform to Rearchitecture. I focus on the modernization approach when possible, so the designs follow Cloud-Native design patterns.

Total Costs of Ownership provides financial data for comparison. Current On-Premises costs are always included in comparison with individual target Cloud architectures. TCO includes not only the standard infrastructure costs but incorporates additional inputs like license costs, application migration, refactoring costs, and shared services costs.

Risks and benefits are documented for existing and possible Cloud architectures, providing additional inputs for the final recommendation. Each identified risk or benefit is justified and aligned with the key application stakeholder.

Example of current and possible target Cloud architecture

On the On-Premises side, all components are running as virtual machines within a single data center, and only the Web Tier is highly available. Any updates and patch management (except for the Web Tier) result in application downtime. Infrastructure is static, cannot react on the peaks, or is oversized to cover the peaks.

In AWS, Load balancing and Data Tier are based on the Platform as a Service components which does not require standard maintenance and patching. Compute platform for Web and App Tier uses Auto Scaling, allowing dynamical scaling of individual application nodes based on the required performance. All components are highly available, running in two Availability Zones, providing near-zero downtime.

AWS Well-Architected Review

Every workload is unique, but the key concepts and best practices apply to most workloads. AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent approach for customers to evaluate architectures and implement scalable designs and helps you build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for various applications and workloads.

A Well-Architected Review is a multidimensional assessment focusing on six key pillars and helps you to identify any weak spots and provides you with recommendations for improvements.

Operational Excellence Pillar

The operational excellence pillar focuses on running and monitoring systems, and continually improving processes and procedures. Key topics include automating changes, responding to events, and defining standards to manage daily operations.

Security Pillar

The security pillar focuses on protecting information and systems. Key topics include confidentiality and integrity of data, managing user permissions, and establishing controls to detect security events.

Reliability Pillar

The reliability pillar focuses on workloads performing their intended functions and how to recover quickly from failure to meet demands. Key topics include distributed system design, recovery planning, and adapting to changing requirements.

Performance Efficiency Pillar

The performance efficiency pillar focuses on structured and streamlined allocation of IT and computing resources. Key topics include selecting resource types and sizes optimized for workload requirements, monitoring performance, and maintaining efficiency as business needs evolve.

Cost Optimization Pillar

The cost optimization pillar focuses on avoiding unnecessary costs. Key topics include understanding spending over time and controlling fund allocation, selecting resources of the right type and quantity, and scaling to meet business needs without overspending.

Sustainability Pillar

The sustainability pillar focuses on minimizing the environmental impacts of running cloud workloads. Key topics include a shared responsibility model for sustainability, understanding impact, and maximizing utilization to minimize required resources and reduce downstream impacts.

A well-Architected Review consist of four essentials parts:

Initial phase: covers the introduction meetings, stakeholder identification, and the review process so the project is well-defined, and everybody is onboarded.

Review process: individual pillars are reviewed by the key stakeholders and individual High-Risk and Medium-Risk areas are discovered.

Improvement plan: outcomes from the review are aligned with the business needs, priorities, and the goals and improvement plan scope of work is defined.

Implementation: identified High-Risk and Medium-Risk areas are remediated so the workload is aligned with the AWS best practices

Ultimately, the cloud is the latest example of Schumpeterian creative destruction: creating wealth for those who exploit it; and leading to the demise of those that don’t.


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